Local Law #
3-1979 Change from 3 Elected Assessors to 1 Appointed Assessor
1-1981 Increase/Decrease of Veteran's Exemption in Same Ratio as Assessed Value
1-1992 Source Separation Ordinance
1-1997 Telecommunication Facilities Regulation Law
2-2002 Changing Grievance Day
2-2003 Changing Terms of Office of Certain Town Offices
2-2007 Increase Max Veteran's Exemption (Real Property Tax Law RPTL 458-a)
2-2008 Cold War Veteran's Exemption (RPTL 458-b)
1-2010 Timber Harvesting Law
2-2011 Right to Farm Law
2-2012 RPTL Exemption Income Limits for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities and Low Income
3-2017 Amends 2-2008 (Cold War Veteran's Exemption)
2-2019 Prior Notice of Highway Defect Law
3-2019 Opting Out RPTL Solar Exemption
2-2020 Revised Zoning Law
1-2021 Revised Adoption of Uniform Code (Contains Unsafe Structure Procedure)
2-2021 Revised Junk Yard Law
3-2021 Repeal of Snowmobile Ordinance
4-2021 Amendment to Zoning law 2-2020
5-2021 Revised Environmental Quality Review Law
6-2021 Second Amendment to Zoning Law 2-2020