History of the restored barn

John Rectenwald purchased the property at 4774 Ossian Hill Road from Daniel Dunn on August 22, 1864. The property was part of lot #67, containing about 25 acres, more or less. On August 26, 1870 John also purchased about 2 acres of land from Achsa Close (formerly Achsa Haynes). This property was part of lot #154, a piece opposite the Presbyterian Church on the road leading to Dansville. This is the same land conveyed by Louisa Troup, executrix and Charles G. Troup, deceased, to Elizabeth Graham by deed bearing the date July 8, 1845 and the land conveyed by Tom I. Leman and his wife to John Henderson by deed June 10, 1847. This same property was conveyed by John Henderson and his wife to Jonathan Haynes and Achsa Haynes March of 1861.

John Rectenwald died April 28, 1893 and he was survived by his children Mary Rectenwald Neis and Anna Rectenwald who were is heirs. Anna died on September 1, 1929 and Mary inherited Anna's half in the farm property. Mary died in June of 1934, leaving Jacob Neis, her widower , Raymond Neis, Karl Neis and Helena A. Cary, her children, as heirs.

Raymond E. Neis and Alice Neis sold the property to Armonde B. Walker and Ruth E. Walker on May 5, 1953. The property was sold to Bret Walker and Robin Walker in 2009. They are the current owners of the property and Barn.

The current barn on the property was built by Jacob Neis sometime between 1902 and 1920. Jacob also helped build the Ossian Center Store for Mike Gibson and a workshop on Christian Road in Ossian.

The barn is one of the very few barns of this style and design located in Ossian. Gambrel-roofed barns began to appear in the region soon after the mid-nineteenth century. This type of roof allowed unrestricted open space which allowed for efficient loading of the hay mows with a hay tract. The roof of the barn appears to be Dutch gambrel-roof with almost horizontal flaring which allowed for box gutters piped to cisterns or in later construction eaves toughs. The barn is one of the few barns in Ossian with slate roofing and dormers. The dormers were either for air circulation or just decoration.

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