Town of Ossian Local Fruit and Vegetable Stands



Clymo’s Produce
11474 Canaseraga Road (near Wilson’s Farm)

Offering all kinds of home grown vegetables. Cucumbers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Squash, etc. Primarily organically grown.

Owner: James Clymo and Family 
Quote: “Getting out to my garden is my favorite time of day. “



Seasonal Farm Stands in the Town of Ossian
McCurdy Road

Offering home grown sweet corn, Pennsylvania peaches, local tomatoes, Canaseraga honey, plus more

Owner: Rob Schramm and Family

Holden Schramm manning the stand on July 25, 2018.


Glen Haven Farm
McCurdy Road

Home grown sweet corn, seasonal vegetables and their own homemade maple syrup.

Owners: Mike and Chris DeBarardinis