The first project of the historical society was a restoration of a local barn. The Saunders Foundation generously donated the funds to use to restore a historically significant barn in Ossian to its original state.

An application for funds was completed based on information provided by the Department of the Interior, the National Parks Service,
and other established preservation programs.

Some factors used to choose the barn for restoration were:


The Walker barn located at 4774 Ossian Hill Rd was chosen for restoration for the following reasons:

  • the design of the barn-gambrel roof with dormers
  • it has a slate roof
  • and the person who built it had built other buildings in Ossian.


The project was started in June 2011 and completed on or about September 5, 2011. The completed barn is shown here. barn


New Sign from the state of NY.

An open house was held at the barn on October 22, 2011 and we were happy that Alice Acomb and her family where there to answer questions and reminisce.

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